CMLC | Our Staff

Residential Services Director - Admissions information for CMLC ICF-ID/DD, supervises all direct care staff, addresses and general questions, comments and concerns.

Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) - Coordinates all services and supports for each person; initiates programs and complete progress notes; plans, coordinates and facilitates the Individual Support Plan and annual meeting; supervises direct care staff and will provide in-service training if needed.

Assistant Service Coordinator (ASC) - Schedules direct care staff; supervises the direct care staff; provides on-going training for direct care staff; monitors documentation for progress notes; plans community outings; completes assessments for the annual ISP.

Direct Support Person (DSP) - Ensure appropriate supports based on the Individual Support plan, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle and education. They also report health needs, personal needs and customer choices to the appropriate supervisor. They provide the customer with an environment that is safe, clean, pleasant, stimulating and home-like. Lastly they assist customers in developing appropriate social behaviors and relationships.
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