Welcome to Clinton Manor Living Center (ICFDD)

At Clinton Manor Living Center, the needs of the people we serve are first and foremost in our hearts and minds. We emphasize the needs of each individual and place focus on solutions--not problems. We operate as a residence for 51 people, and are fully certified as an Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled. The individuals we serve are divided into 3 small family settings of 14-19 people. Each family has a living area, patio area and certified staff to help meet their specific needs. Specialized activities also occur in each group. By honoring the dignity of each individual and maintaining respect for them, our philosophy will never be compromised and our mission will be never-ending.

Clinton Manor Living Center, under the direction of Southern Illinois Living Centers, Inc. (SILC) is oriented to the needs of the individual while working very closely with family, guardians, friends, and various consulting services and agencies. Primarily, we recognize the people we serve as persons who have the same basic needs and desires as anyone else in our community. Individuals receive assistance and supportive services that meet their needs, yet allow them to maintain their individual freedom. We strive to gain awareness of the aspirations and feelings of the people we serve and assure they are afforded the rights, privileges, opportunities and responsibilities accorded to all citizens.

The Clinton Manor ICF-ID/DD is divided into 3 groups, we call family groups. Each family group has a supervisor, called a QIDP and an assistant (ASC) who supervise the direct support staff and handle most of the customers’ day to day needs. The QIDPs, ASCs and the direct support staff are all supervised by the Director of Residential Services.

We strive to assist people to participate and be involved in the activities they enjoy. Our activities range from simply enjoying a favorite television show with friends, to assisting people in attending major attractions in St. Louis. Staff have accompanied people to major league baseball games, concerts, presentations at the FOX theater and Muny, Disney on Ice productions and Monster Jam to name a few. Many residents also attend monthly events hosted by Clinton County Advocates for Recreation, which includes dances, dinners, bingo and summer barbecues and swim party's to name a few. We regularly host special events at Clinton Manor Living Center to entertain people and provide them fun things to do while socializing with one another. We also take time to provide one on one activities with people, to assist them in maintaining and pursuing hobbies or individual interests.